Thursday, July 26, 2012

Three Whole Months!!

Diana just turned 3 (months) yesterday! She has to be the cutest baby of all time. I'm not joking. She's adorable. Her dark hair has turned auburn. She is so good and so happy. She smiles all the time and Billy even got a laugh out of her a couple days ago. It's not consistant, but she can finally lift that big ol' head of hers off the ground. She can almost hold it steady when she's upright. She can sit up by herself if she is propped up with a pillow.
She loves to play with this little bumble bee toy in her crib and a soft pink bunny/blanket/rattle toy. She's very talkative since she discovered her voice. She just learned yesterday how to scream for fun and now she does all the time. She sleeps through the night and eats well. She loves being sung to by mommy and daddy. It gets her to sleep almost instantly. I sing her the Disney lullabyes and Billy likes to sing songs from Phantom and country music.
The only problem we're having is that she is constantly spitting up. So she is constantly in a bib. Problem solved.
It's amazing how fast babies grow. Especially my baby. She's enormous. I just put away a box of her clothing that she has already grown out of. At her last doctors appointment at 2 months she was 25 inches and 13.5 pounds. That means tall and chunky. I love her chubby cheeks and thighs. She's already wearing a size 2 diaper and fits some 6 month clothing.
She went swimming for the first time in the bath tub and last week we got her in the pool. She wasn't too keen on the cold water, but she did really well for her age. She likes the bath tub much better. I'm looking forward to when she is old enough for swimming lessons.
We had her blessing on July 1st. She would have been 10 weeks old. She wore the dress that my grandma made for me when I was a blessed. Since she is a big girl and we waited a little long, the dress was a little snug on her and the bonnet fit just barely. Billy gave a beautiful blessing and a woman in our ward wrote it down for us. Unfortunately since all my family lives pretty far away, no one could make it from my side, but Billy's side was well represented.
As for me, I'm doing great too. I get a little cabin fever sometimes, but the apartment is always pretty clean, the laundry and dishes done, and I manage to work out about 4 days a week. I've started doing power yoga. It kicks my trash every time. I had no idea how badly damaged I am until I tried the "upward facing dog" pose. I felt like my spine was going to break in half. And don't get me started on the chair. Burning quads! I'm getting stronger though. My goal is to loose 20 pounds of fat and gain 10 pounds of muscle, soooo....I'm on my way. I just need to stop eatting so much. Peanut butter is very fattening. I eat it every day. Blah. But I work out more than Billy does, so even if he wanted to, he can't talk about my fitness. Muahaha.
So are more pictures.

The men in the blessing circle
 Our family
 Diana exhausted from another "tummy time"
 So cute in a dress Megan got her
 She's sinking into the couch.
 What a cute little baby butt.
 She really loved floating in the tub.
Cute face!

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